About us

About us

What makes us so special?

From our 1,000 seat contact centre in Umhlanga, near Durban we deliver Customer Service, Acquisition and Retention, Arrears Recovery and Specialist Back Office Solutions for a number of UK organisations.

We are owner-managed, quality-focused and pro-active in delivering value-added contact centre solutions. As a proven and trusted service provider we strive to exceed the standards expected by customers of the brands we represent.

We recognise that quality of customer interaction is fundamental to generating and maintaining brand loyalty for your business.

Why South Africa?

The UK customer service sector suffers from a limited labour pool and high levels of staff attrition, which drives up costs and compromises service quality.

South Africa has one of the fastest growing call centre industries in the world, where working in the sector is seen as a career for the local highly skilled and educated workforce, resulting in exceptionally low staff attrition rates.

With English as an accent neutral language and minimal time difference, Durban has a natural cultural alignment with the UK and benefits from a world class telecommunications network and IT infrastructure.

The difference in labour rates combined with the skilled workforce ensure we provide an exceptional quality of customer service at reduced cost.

Outsourcing offshore provides the opportunity for you to focus on your core competencies, maximise process efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Culture

Our people are our most important asset. When creating our centre this was at the forefront of providing our employees with a great place to work.

We have created an environment that provides a workspace that maximises our team spirit and go-get attitude. When everyone plays their part and is rewarded for their efforts, it really is teamwork driving our success.

Training/Our People

We don’t just find the best people for the job; we want to develop them as it’s important to us that everyone feels confident in their role. So, at Synergy, we put training at the heart of our business to enable us to deliver a world class customer experience.

Our solutions

We operate from our South African Customer Service Centre which provides a full customer service life cycle solution and is supported from our London office.

Our service offer provides the optimum outsourcing solution having the benefits of offshore with the surety of a UK operation providing governance and commercial oversight.

Why should you choose Synergy?

  • Synergy’s Call Centre of Excellence is a specialist in all aspects of UK sales and service requirements.
  • Our agents are culturally aligned with the UK and have English neutral accents.
  • Your costs are up to 50% less than an outsourced UK seat and considerably cheaper than in-house costs.
  • We offer availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • In South Africa Customer Service is a highly regarded career which ensures low attrition rates.
  • We have the ability to scale quickly and without compromising quality due to availability of experienced agents.
  • We provide a comprehensive ongoing training programme to ensure our agents continually preform to the highest possible standards.
  • We will send our training team to the UK – train the trainer before roll-out. Alternatively, we can accommodate your trainer in South Africa.
  • Synergy is fully GDPR compliant with accredited GDPR specialists on site in South Africa and London